Mom: I Couldn’t Thank You Enough for Everything

I’ll really miss everytime you told me to sleep early because I’ve to go to school in the next day and the way you asked me ‘how’s school?’ when I am home.
You are the one who never getting tired of reminding me to pray, to eat, to sleep.
The one who told me to always become an optimistic person.
You are my source of inspiration who always told me to never say “how if I fail”.
Because the most important thing for you is to try. To try even if it’s hard. To try even if you don’t know what will happen next. To try even if you think it will be impossible. To try even if everyone stop and quit.
You are the place when I don’t know where else to go.
The place where I share all of my doubts and fears.

You are the most selfless person in the entire world.
The one who always do your best for your surround even if it doesn’t even bring any benefit on you. And it’s really motivated me in the way no one else can.

Don’t like the other parents who told their kids to study every single night, I think you are absolutely the opposite. You often said “Don’t study too much. You’ll get sick” or “enough for the study, score on a single paper won’t determine your future”, meanwhile in fact, you are a teacher.
Not only a teacher in your school, but also in my life.

Thank you for always give me your constant support throughout the years, thank you for never force me to do anything i don’t want to, thank you for trust me to do thing, thank you for every “do your best” and “It will be okay” you told me, thank you for always said “jangan ganggu adek” to bro and sist😂.
Thank you for always pray for the best to your children. You’ve given me so much and literally I couldn’t thank you enough for everything❤️
Sorry for everytime I dissapointed you. I love you more than so much, mi❣


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