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Beauty in Diversity




What is diversity? Diversity is many differences. Indonesia is a diverse country which has so many populations with different religion, region, culture,skin colour, even body shape, and many more.

We are ofcourse a nation of differences. Those differences don’t makes us weak, but they’re the source of strength. Diversity is a positive thing, it’s not something to fear. Especially in Indonesia, we have the motto that is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, it’s mean “Unity in Diversity”. So  why we don’t face the diversity as well as it’s supposed to be? Stop being racism and close-minded. Stop discriminated others. Because that’s what makes us beautiful as human race. Everyone have the same right as a human.

Indonesia can be greater, if we take the advantages from our diverse. We can learn together and motivate each others with our different skill and background. So, we can create an amazing nation in the wold. It’s not impossible.

For some students, being in diverse school or college can prepare them to face the real world, where they can be able to speak out their voice, opinion, and their own point of view. So, it’s time for parents to teach the young generation that is in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

So start from now, stop judge a book by it’s cover or never judge someone by their looks. Because there’s a lot to be discovered. Now, we should define diversity as the art of thinking independently, not as a bad thing anymore.

And, just like a quote said : “ Sometimes, we should become friends with people who aren’t in our age. Hang out with people whose their first languange isn’t same as ours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from our social class. Because this is how we see the world, this is how we grow, and this is what called the beauty in diversity.”

Excellence in diversity. Together we’re better!.

Written by Raudhatul Jannah


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